To my supporters,
From the beginning, my campaign has been about serving the community where I live and will be raising a family. I believe that we need representation in Sacramento that not only matches the values of AD 16, but has the ability to get things done for our community. This has always been about the mission and not about me.
As this race has progressed, it has become clear that the best way to defeat the incumbent is to mount an aggressive campaign to flip this seat far ahead of the June primary. Serving the greater good has always been my prerogative, and because of this I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for this seat.
This decision has been a difficult one to make but I make it wholeheartedly knowing that this gives the Democrats the best chance to reclaim this seat and gives the community the best chance for a representative who can fight for the issues facing all Californians, including better transportation, better schools, cleaner air and water, and affordable housing for all.
In addition, Tara and I will be welcoming our first child this fall and I am thrilled to be focusing on our family during this exciting time.
I’ve just spoken with Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, and offered her my full support. I’m confident that Rebecca has what it takes to represent this community and is in the best position to flip this seat in November.
I want to thank everyone for their support throughout this process. My dedication to this community remains steadfast and I look forward to finding other ways to be involved in defeating the incumbent and working with you for the future of the Democrats in California.
Thank you,

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